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Norwood, Massachusetts - Eastern States Packaging, a client of Web Wise World Inc. (WWWI) is elated with his website. "I wanted to update you on response to my ad. As a direct result of my on-line ad, I now have customers in Hawaii, Russia, Utah, Tennessee, Florida, Alabama, Connecticut, North Dakota, Georgia, and others. In addition, I have inquiries from Canada, California, Texas, Washington state, India, and China."

Thomas Peebles, President of www.ESPackage.com goes on to say "The Internet has become my primary source for new business. I don't call my potential customers...they call me. When a potential customer comes to you, the likelihood of success is increased ten fold."

"This is what the World Wide Web is all about and the only way to achieve this level of success on the web is marketing, marketing, marketing!" states Terry Schneider, President and co-founder of Web Wise World Inc. Web Wise World Inc. (WWWI) is a web design, hosting and marketing firm located in Norwood, Massachusetts whose market niche is small business. "You can't have a successful website without the marketing, on and off the web" Terry goes on to say. WWWI offers their clients full web services from obtaining an address on the web (domain registration), providing a home for the website(web hosting) and tips and tools on how to market the website on (search engine placement) and off (e-mail nudging, pro-active advertising) the web.

The principals of WWWI believe the most important aspect of the web is the "dissemination of information", providing an easy and convenient method for the viewer to find what they are looking for. Therefore, the most important aspect of the client's website is the proper marketing and promotion of that site so that the viewer searching for the information finds the client's website.

The folks at WWWI suggest that much of the marketing must be done "off" the web, through various forms of advertising and promotion. Their recommendations include; making sure the web address is on all stationary and literature, having the address painted on the side of the client's building and vehicles and announcing the website in all media ads. One of the best ideas which came from a client at a one of WWWI's free InterMarketSolutions seminars is to announce the website address on your answering machine. They hold these free client seminars twice a year providing further marketing tips, often have some form of multimedia or online presentation and finish the evening off with some great networking and FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) discussion. They see their client base more as a partnership whose cooperative marketing efforts will help the entire group.

To aid the client in the marketing of their site, WWWI offer some very unique and free services such as an e-mail broadcast that Mr. Schneider calls BizMail. Terry searches the web and rifles through the many e-mail newsletters he receives, organizes and assembles this into a bi-monthly e-mailing adding his own marketing suggestions and zips them off to his registered guests and clients.

One of their best promotional ideas is something that Terry's partner, Jack Meister, came up with called WebWise BookMarks. They provide an ample amount of these 7 inch by 2 inch bookmarks, printed with the client's web and physical address and phone number on one side and their own information about WWWI on the other. The client can use these as hand outs to announce their website. This way the client is able to cooperatively promote their own website at the same time helping Web Wise World Inc. to promote their own business.

Is it working? You bet it is! Just take a look at some of the testimonials received in their e-mail from clients and their client's customers which are posted online at their website, http://www.webwiseworld.net. Here's one for the road from Bill Shea's Corian Center in Quincy, Massachusetts, "Hey, good news from the web site. We have closed three sales this week that came directly from WebQuotes! We also have floor traffic that came in because they checked us out on the web." "P.S. I took your advice about the "check us on the web" for our after hours calls to the answering machine and I'll be sending you one of our WEB pens soon. I think our virtual storefront is giving us access to customer we may have never touched."

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'Reprint from the Randolph Pride Chamber Newsletter'
  "We don't just create web sites, we create web sites that work" is one of the slogans that the folks at Web Wise World Inc. have coined and from the looks of things they mean business. The principals of the company, Terry Schneider and Jack Meister, are not only experienced web designers and creators but they are also experienced entrepreneurs, having started and run numerous successful businesses. Jack sold one of his businesses recently and Terry is the president of another very successful company in Norwood, started over 18 years ago and running strong.

  What's unique about Web Wise World Inc. is the incorporation of sound marketing principals with their creative talents for web design. After the site is created it is hosted on their flagship site, www. MAonline.com, Massachusetts Consumer's Guide which is cooperatively marketed and advertised by both Web Wise World Inc. and their clients. Terry stated, "We take care of everything from the creation, design, developmen4 implementation, hosting, e-mail set-up, and more, plus we advertise our client's in our MA online ads!! The client's responsibility is to advertise the MAonline web site in all of their ads, on letterheads, business cards, etc. We even give the clients free MAonline BookMarks that they can hand out to their customers."

  Web Wise World Inc. has received very favorable critiques from a number of different people and web organizations including Boston.com who has listed their Stoughton site as the Stoughton Home Page in their towns section. They have some very interesting and well known businesses on MAonline, including Mark Snyder who is a local radio personality and host of his own syndicated radio show "That's Life", which is on WMSX 1410 AM daily. In fact, MAonline, and many of their clients, are advertised every weekday so rune in!!

  Let us not forget Joanne Schneider, Terry's wife and our community coordinator. For those who don't know her (and you should) she has done a wonderful job working with us at the Chamber and recently co-hosted a Chamber after-hours with our friends at Skies' Rainbow of Balloons. Give her a call and she will be happy to talk with you about how to get your business online with MAonline!!

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